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From conception to pregnancy to birth and beyond, craniosacral is a powerful tool for: 

Craniosacral for the Childbearing Year

- Help for preconception and infertility 

- Managing discomfort and stress during pregnancy

- Optimizing fetal positioning and helping labors be shorter and more effective

- Helping new parents manage stress and overwhelm

- Solution to common newborn issues, including breastfeeding problems, colic, lack of sleep, tongue tie, torticollis, headshape and more

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Trying to conceive can be a feedback loop of stress — the stress of not conceiving or handling the grief of miscarriage or pregnancy loss then makes conceiving all the more difficult.

Our clients have found that craniosacral therapy can help them access a deeper level of calm and also heal existing scar tissue, allowing their body to conceive more easily. We understand the pain of infertility and loss, and we are honored to support our clients in their journey towards creating their family.

Other providers often refer their clients to us for help with infertility, and we have demonstrated success lowering cortisol levels for our clients. 

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Craniosacral therapy offers amazing benefits during the pregnancy including feeling more comfortable in your body, shorter labors, less stress, deeper sleep, and a deeper connection to your baby. 

During pregnancy, craniosacral can:

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Infants and Newborns

Oh, those hazy newborn and infant days! They bring many joys and many unique problems. Craniosacral can help you support your baby through this transition and alleviate many common infant concerns

Craniosacral can help your infant with: 

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New Parenthood

Becoming a new parent is a huge transition! You deserve support as you make the leap into parenthood and learn how to navigate its challenges. We love supporting new parents and helping them find calm in the midst of chaos. 

Craniosacral can help you with: 

The Secret of Craniosacral: Start With the Nervous System

There are a lot of therapies and treatments out there, and while all of them have something to offer, craniosacral therapy is one of the few that starts by bringing the nervous system to a state of balance and calm.

It's truly miraculous what our body can do when we give it the support it needs and help our central nervous system come out of flight or fight. We sleep better, our body begins healing, we release stress and tension. We find ourselves better able to take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us - to respond rather than react, to be open to new possibilities. 

Craniosacral also supports the body in reducing tension and letting go of tension patterns, but when we start with the nervous system, we bring the whole body to calm in a way that truly helps us beging to heal. 


I arrived to Kelly and Shira’s doors desperate to help my baby who was having ongoing GI issues, difficulty eating, and inability to take a bottle. I was exhausted, frustrated at not being heard, and at a loss for what to do when I met them. They immediately heard me, understood what I was going through, put a plan together, and I knew these women were the real deal. Between Shira’s lactation expertise combined with Kelly’s body work on my baby girl the whole tongue tie release process was so seamless and amazing to watch. My little girl did sooo well and it was all thanks to this team! I am forever grateful to them!

— Brittany Wenzlick, 2024


Ready to experience the magic?

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