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Our Team

At the Craniosacral Center of Grand Rapids, we're proud of our amazing team of people who come together to create a positive healing environment for our clients. 

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Kelly O'Brien Pahman

Kelly O’Brien Pahman is the owner of Craniosacral Center of Grand Rapids and a respected craniosacral therapist. 


Kelly first discovered the power of craniosacral therapy (CST) in her work as a doula. Her clients who regularly received craniosacral therapy had shorter labors with shorter and more efficient contractions. The power of this gentle but effective therapy intrigued Kelly, leading her to study craniosacral therapy at the highly-respected Upledger Institute and open her own practice in 2004 


CST has also touched Kelly’s life personally – helping her overcome a traumatic brain injury and chronic pain, which helps her relate to her clients on a deeper, more personal level. Kelly’s warm, kind personality radiates in her practice, putting her clients of all ages at ease and helping them enter their personal healing journey.  


Kelly is the first and only doula in the Grand Rapids area to specialize in CST. Being a doula taught Kelly how to support families from a place of neutrality and recognize the deep need for support during the child-bearing year. Through the Upledger Institute, she has completed training in Craniosacral therapy, levels 1 and 2, somato-emotional release, as well as CST for conception, pregnancy, birth and the newborn. She has also taken several courses with Kindred Academy on treating infants, as well as TMJ and jaw pain. 


Kelly has a degree in Theology and Youth Ministry from Kuyper College, as well as a diploma Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education as a Holistic Labor Companion. She has worked for over 10 years as a doula and midwife assistant in Grand Rapids, attending over 150 births. 


Kelly lives in Grand Rapids with her husband, Dylan, and their four children, Brendan, Aiden, Erin and Callahan. 


Owner and Lead Craniosacral Therapist

Teagan Wu


Growing up along the coast of Maine and attending Waldorf school from kindergarten through twelfth grade, Teagan developed a love for nature, the creative arts and being in community. In 2018 she earned her BA in Human Ecology with an emphasis on sustainable food systems and educational studies from College of the Atlantic. Inspired to explore her passion for supporting people’s health and well-being, she went on to complete a 700 hour training with Body Intelligence to become a Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy practitioner.

Teagan provides craniosacral therapy with the intention of supporting others in mind, body, and spirit. Through this gentle practice, she acknowledges a person’s innate health and their body’s own knowing of how to find balance. She draws from her experiences as an educator for young children and a student of herbal medicine in her work as a practitioner.

Through being present and listening with her hands, Teagan honors your system as a whole. Whatever someone may be experiencing is held in a loving, neutral space. By settling into stillness and becoming receptive to the movement of fluids and the interconnected nature of the body, she allows space for their system to rest, integrate, and balance.

Teagan believes in aligning with health rather than focusing on symptoms and treating isolated parts. This key principle is what inspires and nourishes her every day.


Teagan loves to cook, garden, sing, create art, write poetry, spend time with children, and explore the outdoors.

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 Craniosacral Therapist

Carrie Price

Office Manager


Charissa Reul



Amanda Sipes

Human Resources


Daniel Peña

Communications Assistant


Megan Cottrell


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