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Holistic Help for Tongue Tie

At Craniosacral Center of Grand Rapids , we specialize in helping families with a newborn, infant or child with tongue and lip ties.


Also known as ankyglossia, a tongue tie is a condition where the tissue below the tongue, the frenulum, is too tight. This can limit the movement of the tongue, making breastfeeding very difficult. Breastfeeding pain, slow weight gain, fussiness, colic and gas can all be symptoms of a tongue tie.

Unfortunately, many pediatricians and doctors don't recognize the symptoms of a tongue tie, and when they do, simply refer patients for a frenectomy (often referred to as a "release" or "revision") to fix the problem. For the vast majority of people, a frenectomy doesn't fix the underlying problem - tight tissue in the midline which causes tension through the body. 

At CSCGR, we treat a tongue tie holistically with a team of care providers and ongoing treatment that addresses the root of the problem to bring families real relief and bring the body into alignment.


Tongue Tie: Exclusive Online Courses

The Tongue Tie Toolkit.png

A comprehensive video course teaching you everything you need to know about a tongue tie, including building a team, preparing for a release, the importance of a whole body approach and how to advocate for your family, along with monthly calls with Kelly to help you navigate the process. 

Tongue Tie 101.png

This shorter video course provides a targeted introduction to the symptoms and impact of tongue tie, as well as how to consider providers and navigate treatment. 

Tongue Tie Treatment Bundle

Kelly with mom and baby.jpg

To help our families navigate the process of bodywork for a tongue tie, we've created a Tongue Tie treatment bundle, which includes the following: 

  • 3 months of unlimited treatment

  • Full access to our comprehensive video course

  • Email and text support from Kelly

  • Referrals to qualified local providers​

Read more about our tongue tie treatment bundle. 

To get started, book an intake appointment for the appropriate age range. When you decide to proceed with the bundle, the cost of your intake session will be deducted from the total cost. 

Tongue Tie Resources 

How Craniosacral Therapy Can Help Your Tongue Tied Baby.png
Fb live series .png

Moms Chelsea and Justine share about their experience bringing in their baby for tongue tie. 

Listen to mom, Olivia, give a wonderful testimonial of how craniosacral helped her baby, Rose, with tongue tie, weight gain, breastfeeding, sleep and more. 

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