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How Craniosacral Can Help You Find Lasting Pain Relief

How Craniosacral Thearpy Can Help You Find Lasting Pain Relief -  back pain, neck pain, chronic pain

Are you stiff, limping, leaning to one side to avoid a persistent ache in some part of your body? It’s a common reason we see folks in our office. Often, their doctor doesn’t see anything particularly amiss. They’ve tried physical therapy, and it helped a little. The chiropractor made it better, but still not quite. And massage is nice, but sometimes it’s even too painful to try!

Enter craniosacral therapy. This gentle-but-powerful therapy has the ability to release tension in the body and help aches and pains begin to release and heal. Whether you’re suffering from neck pain, back pain, hip or shoulder pain or an ache in your extremities, craniosacral therapy can help you find relief and begin healing. Today, we’ll be sharing with you our clients stories about healing body pain through craniosacral therapy.

How Does Craniosacral Therapy Help With Muscle Aches and Pains?

First, a short primer on what craniosacral therapy is and how it works on our musculoskeletal system.

Craniosacral therapy follows the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body. Cerebrospinal fluid is the fluid that protects and surrounds the brain and spinal cord. By feeling the flutter of the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body, the therapist can assess where there might be tension that is disrupting the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid and the central nervous system.

Craniosacral seeks to work with the body’s existing healing patterns, unhooking the tension within tissues. The therapist starts working from where they find the body willing to release tension and continuing in the direction of ease, rather than trying to force the body into the desired pattern.

By going the direction of ease, we allow the tissues to unwind themselves and then enable the tissues to go where we were hoping to increase range of motion in the first place. By doing this work in the musculoskeletal system, craniosacral therapy then supports better flow of the cerebrospinal fluid as well as the function of the central nervous system.

For more on what a craniosacral therapy session is like, we invite you to read What is Craniosacral Therapy? What is a Craniosacral Therapy Session Like?

Craniosacral Therapy For Muscle Aches and Pain in the Body

Although we can talk to you all day about how great craniosacral therapy is for pain in the body, we know it’s much more powerful if our clients tell you directly about their experiences. Take a look at this handful of reviews we’ve had about muscle aches and pains.

Our long time client Mary Jo has had huge success using craniosacral therapy to treat both hip and neck and shoulder pain.

2023: I saw Kelly again recently for neck and shoulder pain, caused by too many hours of intense writing on my lap top (I'm an author). I spent 90 minutes with Kelly, and woke up the next morning feeling better than I had in four months! I also have changed to an ergonomically-correct workspace. Bless you, Kelly, for using the talent God gave you to help heal me and others.  2019: Kelly is a capable, caring professional. She treated me with great empathy, and I was confident she desired my healing and well-being. I sought Kelly’s care because my nervous system was heightened during an extreme flare-up of pelvic arthritis. Each time I left her office, I was more confident, peaceful, and had less inflammation. Highly recommend this form of therapy!

Recent client Paige shared her experience of her craniosacral session relieving her persistent back pain.

I don’t what this magic is, but after 15 years of living with normal back pain I was miraculously %100 no pain. Everyone in there life should have the opportunity to try craniosacral. It is an invitation for your body to relax.

Neck pain is a really common reason that clients come to see us. Client Reagan not only found relief through CST, but also got a little taller from spinal decompression!

I began seeing Kelly for CST early in 2015.  I had been having neck and low back pain that I wasn't able to find much relief from with other treatments.  I was so delightfully surprised after my first session with Kelly and I could move my neck more than I had in years with a huge decrease in my shoulder tension.  I also find that I feel more balanced emotionally with an increased sense of wellness after CST visits.  For clients who want some hard data, Kelly was able to make me roughly 1 inch taller after a series of visits when I first started.  That is some serious spinal decompression in a super gentle manner.  At my most current visit we measured the range of motion in my neck before and after the treatment.   I gained 30°!!  The last thing I want to add is that Kelly is the kindest person with incredibly positive energy and you can't help but want to smile when you are around her.  Definitely worth checking out St. Brigid's CST!

So often, different parts of our body are hurting that are seemingly disconnected, but the magic of craniosacral therapy is that often, we can figure out how these different types and areas of pain are connected and related. Even better, we can begin to provide relief! Client Abby shares her experience with pain in different areas of her body related to a forgotten injury.

I 100% recommend you see Kelly for any pain that you're having! I have struggled for many years with head, neck, and lower back pain. For the 3 months before starting to see Kelly, I had also been struggling with crackling in my ear, and a frequent earache. All of these have improved by at LEAST 75%, and the ear crackling and pain is almost completely gone. Kelly is wonderful at listening to your body so that she can give you personalized, effective care. I had forgotten about a tailbone injury from middle school, but when she was evaluating and treating me she asked if I had ever injured my tailbone. She recognized the signs of injury even when I didn't, and addressed them. I realize now that that unaddressed injury had been a huge factor in my lower back pain. Do something good for yourself and your loved ones today, and make an appointment with Kelly! (Also, she's a joy to talk to, so there's an added bonus!).

Although this video contains several testimonials from parents, we also wanted to highlight the experience of one of our favorite speech language pathologists Tami Teshima of Duncan Lake Speech Therapy. Tami began coming to see us for shooting pain in her neck and head and experienced amazing results.

These are just a few of the many amazing healing journeys we’ve been a part of through our practice! We look forward to seeing you in the office to help you find some much deserved relief from aches and pains! Call or text us at (616) 433-3003 or book online today.

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