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How Much Does a Craniosacral Therapy Cost? Can I Pay for Craniosacral Through Insurance, HSA or FSA?

Updated: Jan 5

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You’ve read about the gentle power of craniosacral therapy to change pain patterns, restore function and reduce stress. But maybe you’re wondering: what is craniosacral therapy going to cost?

Of course, the short answer is: it depends. But let’s walk you through the various scenarios and what the cost might be for each, as well as explain our centers rates and payment options.

First Question: What Are Your Goals and Needs?

The total cost of craniosacral therapy depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. Perhaps you’re just looking for an hour to recharge. Maybe you have specific chronic pain or a symptom you’d like to address, such as hip pain or migraine headaches. Maybe you’re seeking treatment for an infant or child with a tongue tie, torticollis or plagiocephaly. Or maybe you want to use craniosacral therapy as a continuous touchstone, helping you decrease chronic stress and achieve your goals.

Short-Term Goal: Relax and Recharge

A lot of clients look to craniosacral therapy as a therapeutic way to get in touch with their body, relax and recharge. Craniosacral can provide a wonderfully calm reset to your mind and body. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, or if you’re looking to try craniosacral therapy and learn more about what it can do for you, you can book an intake appointment through our website. We highly recommend booking at least three sessions to get a good idea of what craniosacral therapy is like for you and how your body responds.

Approximate Cost:

Intake session (90 minutes): $290

Follow-Up Sessions (60 minutes): $190

Medium Term-Goal: Address a Concern

If you have a specific condition you’d like to address, such as chronic pain or dysfunction in the body, one single session isn’t going to get you where you’d like to be. More often, you’re going to need a series of treatments to fully address the problem and keep it from returning or persisting.

At the Craniosacral Center of Grand Rapids, we’ve found that it often works best for clients to front-load their treatment by scheduling weekly or twice a week treatments for the first three months and then reduce the frequency of treatments as your condition improves. This gets a body into “healing mode” and helps gain momentum toward resolving chronic issues.

For example, a client with migraines might come twice a week for two to three weeks, weekly for the following two weeks, then every other week for a month or more, with a follow up monthly treatment as needed. We tailor the treatment to each individual and base it on what they’re experiencing and how their body is able to sustain the work we do within a treatment, rather than a set timescale or program.

At the Craniosacral Center or Grand Rapids, an intake session includes a client history and assessment, as well as your first treatment. After that, our therapist can help you create a treatment plan to address your specific issue, tailored to your needs.

Most clients will start see progress within one or two sessions, but to fully resolve an issue so that it doesn't keep returning, longer treatment is needed.

For certain conditions that we treat often, we offer packages of support to bundle your treatment. For example, for families dealing with an infant or child with a tongue tie, we offer a 3-month package of as-needed support and access to our comprehensive tongue-tie course for $2400.

Long Term Goals and Continuing Needs

Many of our clients are busy professionals and entrepreneurs with full lives and complex, dynamic goals. These clients use craniosacral therapy as a weekly or bi-monthly touchstone to help them increase their margins, handle stress, augment their creativity and help them reach financial, business, personal or professional goals. These clients recognize the financial benefit of supporting their health, understanding that we each only get one body and see their health and well being as their most valuable resource.

Of course, our regular weekly clients can simply book regular weekly sessions after their intake session, either at 60-minutes ($190), 75-minutes ($240), 90 minutes ($285), but we also offer unique VIP packages to serve the needs of these clients (especially clients who are traveling long distances to receive treatment here).

Our VIP packages include morning and afternoon craniosacral therapy and coaching sessions with a nice lunch. The investment for quarterly VIP days (4 per year) is $8,000, or $10,000 if you choose to add monthly check-ins.

Due to the busyness of our practice, a limited number of VIP slots are available per year. Please contact Kelly to find out what is available or get on a waiting-list. Payment plans are available for VIP days.

Opportunity Cost: The Cost of Not Getting Treatment

When considering cost, it’s also important to note the sometimes tangible and intangible costs of not getting treatment for a chronically stressed nervous system. The impact of not receiving treatment can take a huge toll on your everyday life.

A client told us just the other day that she would be able to give her granddaughter a guitar lesson because she had seen us that day. Others have told us they’re able to travel where they weren’t before or have a better relationship with their family because they have more energy to offer.

Clients with severe debilitating illnesses have found themselves able to work again after receiving craniosacral therapy. For them, the cost of treatment pales in comparison to what they would have lost, both in terms of income and quality of life.

Many of our clients are moms and babies. For these families, the postpartum period is a precious once-in-a-lifetime period that is worth the investment to make it the best it can be. Transforming a colicky, screaming baby to one that’s calm and able to connect with their caregiver has a lifetime of implications for parenting and family relationships. For babies or young children with a tongue tie, our tongue tie course outlines the cost of not getting treatment - later issues with speech and oral development, torticollis and plagiocephaly requiring treatment with a helmet, etc. Investing in wellness, rather than compensating and tolerating illness, is a strategy that makes the most sense long term.

Overwhelmingly, clients find the effectiveness of craniosacral and the outcomes they experience to be well worth the investment. The time saved by pursuing expert care creates exponential opportunity in other areas of life.

Does Insurance Cover Craniosacral Therapy? Can I Pay with My HSA, FSA or Health Care Cost Sharing Plan?

Unfortunately, most medical insurance companies will not cover craniosacral therapy. However, Craniosacral Center of Grand Rapids is an authorized medical expense for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) as well as Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). You are able to use your HSA or FSA debit card at our practice. Some of our clients are members of health care cost sharing programs, and are able to get reimbursement for some or all of their craniosacral therapy through these programs, depending on their plan’s rules.

Why Does the Cost of Craniosacral Therapy Differ by Provider or Practice?

Just as every business has different needs, expenses and goals, every craniosacral therapist sets their own prices for treatment. That price also reflects the therapist’s experience, expertise and position within their community.

At the Craniosacral Center of Grand Rapids, we offer treatment with highly-trained craniosacral therapists with years of experience helping clients meet their goals. Our therapists include internationally-sought-out experts in their field who are thought leaders and trailblazers in the area of somatic practices and the mind-body connection. We also provide a wonderfully therapeutic treatment environment, full of natural light and gorgeous views to immerse you in a healing environment. We also set our prices in alignment with other highly-effective therapies that produce similar results.

Our business is women-owned and women-run, and sustainably supports not only its employees, but offers support to other women-owned businesses in the West Michigan area. The prices of our sessions directly reflect what it costs to run a sustainable business and pay our employees a living wage that supports their vitality and health. We’re proud to be part of a movement of businesses raising the standards for women as entrepreneurs and in the workplace.

“When I first came across the website for Kelly, my first thought was, "She looks like what I've been looking for" followed by "Wow. That's the most I've ever paid for craniosacral." I'm so glad that I followed my intuition and booked. Kelly is out of this world. She is compassionate, sweet, and incredibly gifted when it comes to craniosacral. Her intuitive nature attunes her even more deeply into the work. Not only that but Kelly has this joyful, "I believe in you" laugh that reminds you that not only nothing has gone wrong, but healing, movement, and success is happening. I'm having incredible results with cranio. Thank you, Kelly, for taking my healing to the next level!”

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