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The Five Ws of Tongue Tie: Facebook Live Series

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Five W's of Tongue Tie Facebook live series with tongue tie experts

One of the most daunting aspects of dealing with a tongue tie can be assembling your team - the folks that can help you work through all the different aspects of tongue tie. What if you had the dream team at your fingertips and could ask any question you wanted to about tongue tie? Well, we've done just that!

We did a series of 6 Facebook live videos with four amazing tongue tie experts - Courtney Joesel of Building Blocks Therapy Services, Tami Teshima of Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, Shira Johnson of Shira Johnson Lactation, and of course, our own Kelly O'Brien Pahman of Craniosacral Center of Grand Rapids. If you missed any of these great sessions, you can find them all here! An amazing resource for anyone navigating tongue tie for themselves or their child.

Video One: What Is a Tongue Tie?

Starting with a overview on tongue tie, our experts cover what a tongue tie is, common symptoms and how a tongue tie can affect the entire body and cause long term issues.

Video 2: Tongue Tie Myths and Facts

Kelly, Shira, Courtney and Tami review a host of common myths about tongue tie and dispel those myths with research and clinical experiences with clients.

Video 3: Who Is On Your Tongue Tie Team?

Tongue tie is an issue that needs multiple providers to resolve. Learn how to find the right people for your tongue tie team, what questions to ask and what different types of specialists you may need.

Video 4: Tongue Tie Releases: When and Where

Often, getting a tongue tie released is presented as a quick and easy solution, but the timing of a tongue tie release is really important. Learn what you should be doing before you get a release done, what milestones indicate a person is ready, as well as continuing that work post release. Also, our experts discuss what to look for in a release provider and what questions to ask.

Tongue Tie: How to Advocate For Yourself

Because many medical professionals are not informed about tongue tie and the potential problems it can cause, many parents and patient's concerns are dismissed by their providers. In this episode, Kelly, Shira, Courtney and Tami talk about how to advocate for yourself with medical providers to get the services you need.

Tongue Tie: A Dental Perspective

Special guest Dr. Katie Swanson joins the team to talk about the many clients they see in their office who have a tongue tie and how they go about treating them, with the help of a team of other professionals.


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